Friday, April 30, 2010

I Am Not the Next Neil Gaiman

My goal for writing is not to get published. No, I'm completely serious. Oh sure, eventually, I would like to be published, but I have a whole lot of practice, hard work, and rejection ahead of me before I get to a point where what I write is high enough quality for publication. However, even when I remove the possibility of being a published author from the equation, my desire to write is still there. It doesn't matter if it will never be more than a hobby, I still enjoy writing, including those moments where I'm so frustrated by the cursor flashing on a blank screen that I want to pull my hair out by the roots.

To be blunt, I don't truly believe I have the chops to be the next Stephen King or Nora Roberts. What I do have are loads of ideas and a desire to write the sorts of stories I personally would want to read, and if other people happen to enjoy what I write, then that would be awesome. Writing for myself is fun, but I think I'd derive more pleasure from it if I knew others were enjoying it too. By practicing my prose (and to some extent, writing here) I hope to bring my skill level up to a point where I feel confident enough to share my stories with more than my closest friends. Maybe even other writers.

Perhaps someday I'll see my work on a shelf in some bookstore next to other authors I admire, or perhaps I won't. Whatever does end up happening, I want to be able to at least say that I had fun and that I shared that fun with an audience who loved it.

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