Thursday, October 21, 2010

I Live!

*Blows the dust off this blog*

I have been busy.

I moved from South Carolina to North Carolina in August in only one week after finding a suitable rental property at the very last minute. The last couple of months have seen me settling in here while taking a couple of huge financial hits in the form of helping my mother put a new roof on her house, new tires on my truck, and setting up utilities and cable here. On top of that, there's been some family drama that I won't go into here. Obviously, writing took a hit and given that I wasn't able to read as much as I'd like, inspiration took a huge hit.

The good news is that for the first time in our relationship, my boyfriend and I are living in the same state and get to see each other at least once per week versus driving five hours and seeing each other only once per month, if that. My son is attending a very good school and won the Principal's Award his first month there and, thus far, he has been thriving here.

This week I returned to my outline and started work on it again. I've found writing and writing-related activities help calm my anxiety levels and allow me to work through the overwhelming stress that's been happening.

In other words, I'll be using this blog again and probably sharing some of my thoughts on world-building and also getting back to the theme of this blog: Why I write.

Also, I'll be back to visiting the Absolute Write forums and probably contributing there again.

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